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Big Questions

I ran across these questions today and I thought I would take a opportunity to try to answer:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • What do I do well?
  • What bothers me?
  • What opportunities are in front of me?
  • Who am I living for?

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on both my immediate answers and my answers with reflection. My initial answers were simply me being an ass. I tried to be sarcastic and funny and was neither. I will try to answer honestly here.

What do I enjoy?

To be honest, in the past I was not very good at enjoying things. I typically held myself back from having fun. I was too busy waiting for the sky to fall in. At this point in my life,I am working hard on making a change. I am trying to enjoy the now and ignore the future. The present is a gift and I need to treat it as such. The things I enjoy most are as follows:

  1. Time with family
  2. Time with friends
  3. Reading and learning

What do I do well?

On the positive side, I feel like I could learn anything. It might take me forever but I will not be deterred. To not be too positive about myself, I am great at starting projects but not so good at finishing. I am working to acknowledge this and become better.

What bothers me?

I think the things that bother me most is hypocrisy. I hear people complain of the issues of others but completely ignore their own issues. To make matters worse I am a hypocrite as well. Turns out that it is really hard not to be judgmental.

What opportunities are in front of me?

I am lucky enough to have many opportunities. I am able to spend time with my family but I can also have the luxury of learning and reading regularly.

Who am I living for?

I am living for my family. I try to make sure that my decisions and actions align with being the best father and husband I can be.

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