Wilson Family Fun Day

September 3, 2017


Typically, on long weekends we look for fun things to do as a family. Today we decided to go to Memphis, TN for the day. We made 2 stops that I found to be meaningful. We visited the Civil Rights and the Chucalissa Indian Village. I am really glad we got to see them. Both African-American and native Americans have suffered greatly in our country and I wish there was an easy fix to racial problems and discrimination. I cannot see a silver bullet. I thought that a lot of these issues have grown less prevelent as I grew older. Unfortunately this is not the case. Our country does not have the leadership needed to bring people together. Instead we are being torn apart.

What I can do is make sure that we teach the kids to respect all people and to judge people based on their character and not their race, nationality, religion, or lifestyle style choices. Who am I to judge? I am hoping that they are learning this lesson well.

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