Focus Questions

September 10, 2017

Several years ago I started to keep a journal. i love the idea of a journal but i am always at a loss as to what to write. As with any of my writing projects, starting is the hardest part. i found a trick to get my journal started each day. i use focus questions:

Focus Questions - 20170914

What was the best thing that happened to me today?

What am I grateful for?

What could I have done better today?

What is the most important thing I must accomplish tomorrow?

What new thing did I learn today?

What new thing did I try today?

What did I achieve today?

Who is the most important person (or most important people) in my life and what am I doing for them?

i wish that i could take credit for this idea but i read about using these types of questions several years ago. i hope you find these helpful as well.

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