3D Printing a Lithophane

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3D Printing a Lithophane

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One of the more interesting uses of a 3D printer is the creation of a lithophane. A lithophane is a 3D piece of art that changes characteristics and looks different when you place a light source behind it.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps I use to print a lithophane.

The 2 sites for lithophane creation include:

I really like all the settings and profiles in ItsLitho and I will use the site in this video.

Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height - .1
  • Number of Walls - 6
  • Infill - 99%
  • Print speed - Reduce by 30-40%
  • Wall Spped - Print Speed - 10
  • Bed Adhesion - Brim

On a bed slinger, orient the print so that there is minimal movement.

Filament Used:

Additional References:

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