Aspirational Apps

I love reading. I subscribe to Medium and numerous RSS feeds. During a typical day, the RSS feeds translates to approximately 600 articles. i don’t read all of these, i skim the healines and only read articles that interest me. For the most part, the articles tend to be regarding technology. I therefore get introduced to a variety of new applications. If the app is interesting enough, i will download so i can test it later. This is where I fall down.

Although I have every intention of testing an app, i usually never get around to it. These apps become my aspirational apps. They are basically just clutter i install and rarely if ever launch. If i do launch, i spend time setting up, but then quit. This week i have started to do a purge.

I am now going through all my devices are uninstalling any apps that i am not using not probably never will. i am also looking for solutions using existing apps. As a case in point, I installed and configured Notion several months ago to keep track of contacts. There were so many cool features i could try, I made a system that was too complicated to use. I uninstalled it. Instead of something new, I will just use apps I already use.

Michael J. Wilson
Michael J. Wilson
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