Building a Filament Dryer

Converting a Food Dehydrator into a Filament Dryer

Image credit: Converted Food Dehydrator

Over time, filament that is exposed to air can absorb moisture. This moisture can cause a loss in quality of your prints. To address this issue, there are a number of solutions including:

Some statistics of filament drying temperatures and time:

  • PLA - 50°C (122°F) Time > 3h
  • ABS - 65°C (149°F) Time > 3h
  • PETG - 65°C (149°F) Time > 3h
  • Nylon - 70°C (158°F) Time > 12h

In my use case, I wanted to be able to dry at least two (2) rolls of filament simultaneously. Using a conventional oven might be possible but I am too concerned about melting my filament and starting a fire. I looked at a dedicated dryer but decided to try using a simple food dehydrator. The selected food dehydrator has a drying space that is ~160mm tall. In my case, most of my filament rolls are 67-75mm. With these measurements, I can easily fit two (2) rolls at a time. The dehydrator is comprised of five (5) tray. Four (4) of the five(5) will need to be cut.

In this post, I will go over how I converted a Rosewill Countertop Portable Electric Machine Food Fruit Dehydrator into a two (2) spool filament dryer. To accomplish the conversion, I followed the following steps:

  1. Lay the spool into the tray to be cut and mark the tray (Figure 1).
  2. Cut the tray (Figure 2)
  3. Complete cuts on all of the trays
  4. Test the spools
  5. Dehydrate the filament

Measure and Mark the Tray

Cut the tray

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