Hugo Workflow

I have recently returned to keeping a blog. It has always been easy for me to start a blog but hard for me to keep it going. I have tried various CMS, including Wordpress, Drupal, Jekell, Octopress, and Hugo. My current favorite is Hugo. I find it minimal, fast, and easy to use. My only real complaint is the fact that I needed to publish from my laptop. It turns out that is no longer the case.

By utilizing Hugo, Github, and Netlify, i can use a pipeline and publish automatically. Whenever I push an update to GitHub, Netlify will automatically rebuild the site. This has led me to create a new iOS workflow for myself. I can access the code for my site using Working Copy (WC) on my iOS devices. The content can be edited directly in WC but that can lead to issues. i have found it difficult to remember the needed frontmatter for new content. To solve this issue, I create several draft pieces of content. These serve as the basis for new posts. I still manage the code in WC but edit in Texttastic. The app Textastic allows me to duplicate a template and edit it. Once I am done in Textastic, I go back to WC and commit and push changes. The site will then rebuild.

Michael J. Wilson
Michael J. Wilson
Specializing in “What Not to Do” since 1972

My interests include GIS, 3D Printing (3DP), Machine Learning, and Productivity.