Replacing Audible

In the past several years, too many of the apps, services, and software I consider indispensable have gone to a subscription model. I recently reviewed all of my various subscriptions and was stunned at the monthly cost. The amount I am spending has gotten to be too much. I have started to look for ways to cut back. Unfortunately, I feel like entertainment services are a good place to cut.

I have been a faithful audible subscriber for years. Although I love the service, it is one of my most costly subs at $15 a month. I started to search for alternatives.

I stumbled across a review of Overdrive and thought to give it a try. Overdrive allows me to checkout ebooks and addio books via my local library. In the month I have been using the app. I have been pleasantly surprised. There is a wide selection of both audio and ebooks available. The books I have listened to have been of equal quality to what I was used to on Audible. The Overdrive app, loke the Audible app, allows me to speed the playbay. This is a function that I consider essential.

The only “complaint” I have is the fact that many popular ebooks and auduos have waiting lists. It is not the apps fault, it is a limit on the library’s digital subscription. Overdrive has a feature to place a book on hold, estimate your wait time, and check the book out for you when it becomes available.

Overdrive has made it to my home screen. i cannot recommend it enough.

Michael J. Wilson
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