3D Printing

A compilation of my various 3DP projects

Social Media

Thoughts on Social Media Periodically, I will try to post my thoughts on social media Image from Unsplash by @merakist

Learning about Cryptocurrency

Link Farm

What is “The Link Farm”? This project is an attempt to share various links and artcles that i have found professionally and personally helpful. Earn free bitcoin

Productivity and Project Management

I have always struggled with the feeling that i could be more productive. Unfortunately, this had caused my to constantly try new productivity systems. with some self reflection, i have begun to realize that the problem me rather that a system.

My Professional Projects

My Professional Projects Over the years, I have had the blessings to work on a variety of projects. I have worked on: GIS Programming Data Science Environmental Web Development Outside of GIS, I have self-taught for the other topics.


The Purpose of ArcBasics The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and ArcGIS Desktop 10.x by ESRI. Over the years, I have worked with various GIS lessons, tutorials and how-to books, websites, and other resources.

Health and Wellbeing

Improving Myself through Exercise, Diet, and Technology