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For my day job, I am Director of the APSU GIS Center. During my time at the Center, I have worked to get equipment for the students to use. Some of that equipment, are 3D printers. Although the students and some of the staff used thr printrrs, Imnevrr used them. That changed with COVID-19.

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was part of a project to create face shields for first responders and medical professionals. As part of the team, I slowly started to learn more about the printers. I liked the topic enough to use it as part of my dissertation towards a PhD in Industrial Engineering. See about my dissertation for more info.

3D printing or 3DP has become a passion for me. This is my attempt to document the lessons I have learned and continue to learn each and everyday.

Michael J. Wilson
Michael J. Wilson
Specializing in “What Not to Do” since 1972

My interests include GIS, 3D Printing (3DP), Machine Learning, and Productivity.