Ultra Wideband Background

Ultrawide Band1 Ultrawide band (UWB) signal research is both old and new. Whole experimenting in 1887, Hertz generated the first UWB signals. Hertz created sparks that were radiated though wide-band loaded dipoles. In this time period, short, wide-band pulses were the easiest to create (Win, Dardari, Molisch, Wiesbeck, & Jinyun Zhang, 2009). Interest continued in UWB though the 1970’s. Research in UWB expanded greatly in 2002. In February 2002, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued the first authorization for UWB (Andrews, 2003).

Tactile Map

I am really proud of this project. It is so important to assist others. As a geek, it is fun when we can use technolgy to make our community a bettet place. APSU GIS Center student creates 3D-printed tactile campus map for students with low, no vision The story was covered by News Channel 5 out of Nashville as well.

Our Southern Border

Is This Who We Now Are? I saw this headline this week “Court upholds ruling that children held at border must have adequate food, bedding, sanitation”. Intellectually I knew thing were bad in the detention facilities. The fact that a judge has to order the government to provide clean water, food, and sanitary conditions is reprehensible. I have no faith that this order is being followed. I am ashamed that this is where we are at as a country.