BTT SKR 2 on the Ender 5 Plus

My configuration

Image credit: [Unsplash][1]

Over the past year, I have really gotten into 3D printing. it is a great hobby. i own several printers including a Sidewinder X1, Creality CR6 SE, and a Creality Ender 5 Plus (E5P).

Since I bought the E5P, I have completed significant upgrades to the printer. These upgrades include linear rails, orbiter extruder, new screen and motherboard. the screen and motherboard were bigtreetech (BTT) 3.5 and a BTT SKR 2.

i have done a lot of work and configured the board for use with the stock hotend and the orbiter.

All code is based off of Marlin 2.x Bugfix. I am regularly merging in changes from the Marlin projects.

Hopefully my work will help others.

Orbiter Extruder

Stock hotend and Extruder

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Michael J. Wilson
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