My Heart after a Week

i believe it has been exactly 1 week since my heart attack. i got home from the hospital on Tuesday and i spent most of the week trying to get some rest. Relaxing has never been my forte and this week was a great example. Between trying to come to grios with the heart attack, i think the meds have me messed up. Falling asleep at night has taken me 2-3 hours.

on a more positive note, i feel like I have done pretty well eating. Since last week, I have lost 7 lbs. i believe it was as predominantly my cheese weight. i got a heart healthy cookbook as a gift and i am going to spend some time tonight looking at recipes.

Tomorrow I will go back to work. I am going to focus on taking it easy on myself. To help combat stress, i am going to use Headspace. if i get too tired, I’ll just come home.

Michael J. Wilson
Michael J. Wilson
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