My New Normal

It was a good week back to work. My biggest issue was that i was extremely tired. my guess is that the medications have me feeling this way. The doctor’s office wants me ti give it another week to see how my body adjusts. i am hoping that my energy levels increase. With that said, i can survive either way.

Another adjustment has been that of my new normal. With every twinge from my chest, i tense up. I need to come to grips with the heart attack and make my peace. I dint want these worries to keep causing me issues.

Diet wise, i am doing well. i am watching my cholesterol, fat, and sodium intake. i think i have made a significant reduction. it will be interesting to see what my next set of blood work looks like.

I hope to keep making positive progress this week. i am going to try to add meditation to the mix.

Michael J. Wilson
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My interests include GIS, Machine Learning, Programming, and Productivity.